We are respected at all levels of baseball locally and nationally at the high school, collegiate and the professional ranks.


Our organization has relationships with coaches from NCAA division l, ll, lll, NJCAA colleges and Major League general managers, scouts and agents.

Track Record

Our track record speaks for itself. We have placed over 180+ players on college rosters and sent 8 to the professional ranks since 2012.

Legitimate Major League and Minor League Instruction

We are the only program in the Mid-Atlantic that provides consistent instruction from current and former Major League and Minor League players and coaches. We routinely have MLB players come to Winter workouts, practices and on our day-to-day coaching staff.

Team Practice

We practice as a team between games and tournaments. You cannot improve as a team if you do not practice as a team. Our practices focus on reinforcing the fundamentals, introducing new skills and drills to improve your game and always learning the game within the game and improving your general baseball IQ. Practice is the most important part of player development!

Great Facilities

We have four facilities, three in MD and one in PA. Our players get to utilize them during Winter workouts and in season when the weather is bad and we need to move practice indoors to get our bullpens and batting practice in.


We have incredible partnerships. Our medical partnerships take care of our players, provide in season and off-season screenings and fast track services for appointments for our north and south Badger teams.

Challenging Schedule

The only way to improve is to challenge the individual player and the team and play competitive schedules. We play locally and throughout the Mid-Atlantic at some of the best tournaments and showcases around.

Respect and Accountability

We treat our players with respect and hold them accountable for their attitude and performance every day.

Full Time

We have a full-time staff to handle all communication with players, families, coaches, tournament directors and umpires. This is not a hobby or part time thing for us. We are full time and fully committed.