FX Sports Performance & Physical Therapy

FX Performance Training

FX Performance Training is for athletes looking for Strength and Conditioning specifically tailored to improve their performance on the field. Each athlete is unique and thus every training program we write is unique for the individual and the demands of the sport they play. Our highly trained Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists have years of experience training athletes of all ages, from middle/high school to big-time D1 collegiate sports to NFL Pros. Our Strength Coaches are dedicated, professionals who do not accept anything less than exceptional effort and attitude from our athletes.

FX Physical Therapy

FX Physical Therapy is a leader in both sports performance and rehabilitative medicine, and is committed to providing the best quality treatments for their patients. FX Physical Therapy exclusively provides 1-on-1 treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). Meaning that patients spend 100% of their appointment with a highly-skilled DPT- not with a tech or aide. Using the latest in sports performance technology and therapeutic techniques, FX Physical Therapy helps players increase range of motion, decrease pain or swelling, promote muscle relaxation, and improve overall performance.